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Support packages

We offer a unique three-tier support system to cater for most support needs, whether it be support with personal care, or physical assistance or perhaps a little supervision whilst we are out on one of our varied holiday activities.

Our standard care package

Comes included in the cost of the holiday. A holiday maker choosing a standard package would have a degree of independence and would need minimal assistance around the accommodation and when out and about on activities with the group, perhaps someone who would need prompting with personal care and with a knowledge of road safety.

Some Holiday Makers may require or perhaps request a one to one care package. There is an additional charge for this, as we have to bring in additional members of staff to manage this request. There are two tiers of one to one care packages that we offer, costing £150 - £250

Tier 1 support package

A holiday maker choosing a tier 1 support package would usually require more support when out on activities i.e. someone who uses a wheelchair, or someone who does not walk unaided in a group setting. Or perhaps a holiday maker who may become challenging or take it upon themselves to walk away from the group the cost for this package would be £150.

Alternatively, do you have guidelines and or risk assessments stating that the holiday maker must have one to one support or more when out? If the answer is yes then you will require one to one or more.

Tier 2 support package

A holiday maker choosing a tier 2-support package would usually need the support as in tier 1 but also more support when at the holiday accommodation, perhaps someone who needs more support with personal care and dressing or someone who would get up and wander around the accommodation at night.

Our home visit assessment manager may deem it necessary to allocate the Holiday maker as needing one to one support on home visit so it is important that if you feel that one to one may be needed that you let us know on the booking form as there may be no available one to one places left when it comes to home visit and we may have to offer an alternate holiday.

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